Terms of Use: The images below are to assist you with your mobster and mafia family sites. They are in no way here for you to give away from your site. The link to the image location is below the image. Its all you need to add it to your site. You are welcome to use my bandwidth and encouraged to do so. This will leave more room for photobucket images or anything else you might use. I do not charge to make custom images I only ask that you support my sponsor if I do so. Send all request to

Do you use the playlist player on your mobsite? I have started creating images you can use for your playlist players on your mobster and mafia family sites.  Custom request are free send them to

Xat's are one of the most popular features a mob site uses.. So here are some cool backgrounds that I use on my stuff.. I have dozens more to add but this will get ya started..  They are all sized to 640X480 and can be constrained by the xat code..
Custom request are free send them to